Monday, November 3, 2014

Gilmore Girls- I Smell Snow

Dallon and I tend to disagree on the appropriate time to begin listening to Christmas music. Saturday, we were talking about when we could both agree to listen to Christmas music this year. We decided that when it finally snowed we could both handle listening to it. I turned to Dallon and said, "Watch, now it will snow tomorrow." Well... for those of you who live in Cedar City I personally apologize for the jinx I placed upon Cedar City. I woke up to snow on Sunday morning.

This brings me to Gilmore Girls. I adore this show! I flipped out with excitement when I saw that it was added to Netflix. For those of you who have not watched Gilmore Girls, you should know that Lorelai Gilmore is known for adoring snow.
I feel that I relate to Lorelai a lot in this aspect. Even though I tend to enjoy waiting until Thanksgiving to begin listening to Christmas music, I truly love this time of year. The atmosphere that the holiday season brings is lovely. I definitely was not ready for the snow yesterday but I did love the feeling it brought with it. Also I have a lot more clothing for the cold so that's another plus.

Let's also not forget the fact that I kind of, almost, slightly predicted that it was going to snow on Sunday.

I am so excited to pull out my little space heater and that it will now be a little more socially acceptable for me to binge watch on TV shows, cuddled underneath a blanket, sipping hot cocoa with biscotti. Dallon may not be entirely thrilled about the cuddling part but I'm sure he'll adapt. 

Like I said before, I am very sad the snow came so soon but I am not sad that it brought the holiday atmosphere to Cedar City. I hope you all will enjoy this season that I accidentally brought a little too soon.