Monday, December 8, 2014

Supernatural...Naturally, it's Super...

So, basically, Supernatural is my favorite show of all time.  For those of you who (have lived in a small, sad hole your entire life) don't know what Supernatural is, let me explain.  Two brothers, Sam and Dean, hunt monsters.  In fact, the most common quote from the show is "Saving people. Hunting things.  The Family Business".  They come from a family of Hunters, or people who hunt and kill all supernatural beings such as monsters, ghosts, etc.  The storyline is a constant cycle each season of them saving the world, all of which began when a demon killed their mother when they were very young.  Now the unique thing about this show is that I can find myself terrified beyond belief, laughing hysterically or dangerously emotional all in the same episode.  Oddly, the most common emotion is laughter, which is strange when you consider that this is mostly dealing with fear.  Like most shows, the first season was a little slow at times, but as the show and storyline evolved, there was little else that I wanted to do after I got home from work or school besides watch the next episode.

Unfortunately, as with most things that consume your life (a.k.a. addictions), I began to inherently pick up characteristics from the actual characters in the show.  Mostly, these characteristics came from Dean, the funnier, more erratic and less intelligent of the two brothers.

Here are some examples:

My wife thinks I am constantly full of myself, and even though that may appear as the truth, here is how it really goes down.  It will start off, for example, by me telling some joke that I (and only I) think is extremely funny.  Then, after I've laughed considerably longer than anyone else at my own joke, I will look up to realize that Kaitlin isn't laughing, and make myself feel better by saying, "Well I think I'm hilarious.."  Thinking that I'm adorable has also fallen into this category.

I also find myself constantly using my own versions of the weirdest "lingo" as common comments and insults.  It all started back when Anchorman first came out with things like "Great Odin's Raven!", but has recently evolved ten-fold with my addiction to Supernatural.  Just yesterday I literally said about a short women I was helping on campus, "Dang! Didn't think Mr. Frodo would ever let go of the ring!"

Now, don't get me wrong by this meme.  I am extremely excited for the day that Kaitlin and I deem it family-expansion time, but when it comes to the world of babies, I'm quite the noob.  Just like in the meme above, I had a crash course after marrying into the Leatham family, since in my first year as an in-law, all of Kaitlin's siblings had babies.  Even with the leaps and bounds I've improved, however, I still have tons to learn, and am still convinced this is very much what it will be like for me in the beginning.

Now, call me disgusting if you will, but I never really developed table manners, and more specifically, chewing with my mouth closed.  I find them a waste of time, and since I don't really care what people think about me, why change?

and maybe just one more...

Now, kind of a darker one.  As comes with most thriller/action type shows, I often get the impression that some of the show's scenarios are happening to me, or that they potentially could happen to me.  As a result, I've gotten a lot more paranoid.  Even in a rural place like Cedar City, I now make sure every door in our house is locked before going to sleep, and keep nearly all of my weapons (which really aren't many, I swear) nearby in case I wake up and need them instantly.  Strange, I know...

And lastly, a little peppier than the last one, this little gif-of-beauty here perfectly portrays a bored Dallon.  I inherited serious ADD from my father, and it mostly likes to present itself this way.  If I've been sitting somewhere, especially in silence, for too long, I start making seriously strange noises with my mouth.  This happens more than I'd like to admit while driving, and believe me, I'm sure it sounds just about as annoying as it looks... Just ask Kaitlin.

Now, I would honestly recommend this show to anyone.  Sure, just like any show there are occasional "dud" episodes that just don't do it for me, and the first season was a little rough, but if you give it a chance, I promise you'll love it just as much as I do.

Seriously, though...

Give it a chance...

Ever so sincerely,
Dallon Swanson